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First Edition Content Update

Coming soon in Auralia® & Musition® First Edition are a ton of new topics and features, including a new First Jazz Syllabus! Amongst the new topics you will find:


  • Score Reading (Music in context)
  • Rhythm Counting
  • Rhythm Sums
  • Drum Styles & Polyrhythms
  • Clef & Meter Transposition


  • Pop Harmonic Dictation
  • Jazz Forms
  • Jazz Chords
  • Jazz Scales

Rhythm Sums

The new Rhythm Sums topic is great for helping students understand rhythm basics and the relative durations of rhythmic values.

Pop Harmonic Dictation

Introduce your students to harmonic dictation using sounds and progressions that they are already familiar with including:

  • I - V - vi - IV
  • I - vi - IV - V
  • i - VI - III - bVII and lots more..

Drum Styles

Drum Styles asks the student to tap a single part from a drum groove and then assesses their rhythmic accuracy. This is a fantastic topic for teaching rhythm reading within a musical context.

Score Reading

The new Score Reading topic introduces students to a whole new range of music fundamentals questions based around short excerpts. This includes questions on performance directions, note names, scale degrees, intervals, scales, meter, and chords.

In recent times you may have also noticed a few extra topics appearing for your students: Beaming, Chord Progressions, Complete the bar, and Forms.. you’re welcome!

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