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What's New in Auralia & Musition 7

Version 7 Highlights

Auralia and Mustion 7 are now available, with hundreds of improvements and new features!

  • Four-Part Writing - automatically assessed
  • Sight Singing and Recording
  • 4000+ new questions
  • 130+ new four-part writing and singing worksheets
  • Revised Theory & Aural I-IV Curriculum & Worksheets

Free upgrade for all schools using Cloud, just get in touch!

We've also done loads of work in the browser... all the new four-part and recording features work seamlessly, including Courses! 

And, there's been a ton of work done on the Administration, making it super easy to use your phone or tablet to monitor your students and assign work.

  • People - student and class management
  • Results - test & course scores & review
  • Tests & Courses - basic settings, assignment
  • LMS Tasks - quick linking in Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle etc

Four-Part Writing Questions

Musition 7 now features four-part writing with automatic assessment!  This will save you loads of time and gives your students immediate annotated feedback to guide their learning.

  • Practise mode, allowing students to 'check' their answer
  • Errors can be soloed giving students the ability to isolate each issue
  • Exam mode, answer checking disabled or limited by the instructor

The new Four-Part Writing topic has a specially sequenced set of levels, all of which can be customised to suit your curriculum.  

Four Part Writing

Easily Customise Rules & Scoring

  • Parallel Unison/5ths/8ves
  • Hidden 5ths / 8ves
  • Leading tone resolution
  • Chordal 7th preparation & resolution
  • Chord Spelling including doubling & omissions
  • Voice crossing & overlapping
  • Range & spacing
  • Unequal 5ths & cross relations
  • Illegal melodic intervals
  • and more...

Sight Singing & Recording

Now your students can record and submit audio assessments directly in Auralia!

This is perfect for sight singing drills, keyboard and piano tests, plus developing imitation and improvisation skills.  You could even use it for submitting performance recordings (entrance exams etc), sight-reading or sight-transposition questions.

Have your students practice their choir parts whilst hearing the other parts as an accompaniment, improvise a solo over a 12-bar blues, or sing the root notes of a chord progression.

Play or Sing

Have your students sing a score.  This could be a scale, chord, interval or melody.  A tonic reference and a metronome count in can be provided and if enabled by the instructor, students can have multiple attempts, and listen back to their answer before submitting.

Play or Sing Along

Students sing along to any kind of notation or audio based accompaniment.  This could be a melody with piano accompaniment, the upper part of a two-part melody, or the bass line of a four-part chorale.  Or students could record themselves singing their favourite pop song along with a backing track!


Have your students respond to Auralia and play, sing or clap back a short melody or rhythm.  Get students to play back a guitar riff, bass line, or a 'lick'.  Or perhaps improvise a 'response' to a played melody.  The source material can be a notation file or audio file which may be drawn directly from the library, or imported. 

Sight Singing

Solfege Matrix

Imitate Melody

Sight Singing in your Classes

  • Sight Singing
  • Sight Reading
  • Keyboard and piano tests
  • Performance recordings
  • Imitate - call and response
  • Transposition
  • 2-part counterpoint singing
  • Practice choir parts
  • Sing or perform with a 'backing track'
  • Improvise over a chord progression
  • Memory skills
  • Clap the beat to an audio recording

Brower Administration

We've updated the browser admin with loads more features, making it easy to manage your classes with your phone or tablet!

  • Add and remove users and classes
  • Edit user & class settings, reset passwords
  • New filters make it easier to find your students - "My Classes" etc
  • Search is now supported for users and classes

Quickly monitor student progress directly in the People area, just find your student!

  • Test, course and practise results, with date filtering
  • Test & course review - easily navigate student responses
Tests & Courses
  • Basic editing of settings and assignment
  • New filters make it easy work with your content
  • Courses are now supported in the browser - no student downloads!
LMS Support
  • All linked tasks are listed, showing when assigned and by whom
  • Quicker task linking, directly in the browser
  • Result re-submission - change which grade is sent to your LMS

Admin - People

Admin - Results

Admin - Tests & Courses

LMS Linking

New Content

Version 7 also includes our diversity content; compositions by women composers and composers of colour, more than 800 questions in all.
Also included are our new questions, syllabus content and worksheets (100+) to support college Theory & Aural I-IV and Fundamentals sequences.  These units focus on specific harmonic vocabulary as a basis for delivery of melodic dictation, and harmonic dictation & analysis content, and often include questions drawn from the repertoire.

Detailed information on the pages below.

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