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Content - Fundamentals

It's never been easier to address music fundamentals, with loads of new content!

  • Complete the bar
  • Ensemble ID
  • Rhythm Syllables
  • Piano keyboard
  • Tonality
  • Texture & Density

Plus, all your core subjects from note reading, through intervals, scales, chords and dictation.

Rhythm syllables

Piano skills

Content - Advanced Students

For more advanced students, Auralia® and Musition® have even more great content!

  • Melodic dictation with functional and decorative chromaticism
  • Two-part melodic dictation, including diatonic melodies, chromaticism, and atonal excerpts
  • Two-part rhythm dictation
  • Chromatic chord writing with augmented, applied, mixture, neapolitan and augmented 6th chords
  • Hundreds of of new harmonic dictation questions featuring chromatic chords and common diatonic progressions
  • Figured bass and nonharmonic tones
  • 6/4 progressions, including cadential, arpeggiated, pedal and passing 6/4 chords
  • Tonality questions featuring standard scales and modes, 2 tone, octatonic, whole tone and polytonal excerpts
  • Jazz and contemporary students; harmonic dictation questions and new levels for mechanical voicings

Two-part melodic dictation

AP* Music Theory

The revised AP* Music Theory syllabus supports the new CED!

Levels and worksheets are mapped directly to the curriculum, providing clear learning pathways, with hundreds of exam specific questions.

Auralia® and Musition® provide automatic assessment for most AP* Music Theory questions!

Soprano and bass dictationCompositional devices

Syllabus & Topics

The included syllabi, tests and courses, have all been revised, with improved level structures and enhanced content.

Topics such as melodic dictation, meter recognition and chord progressions now use library content, improving the student experience with high quality content.

We have also added lots of new topics since the initial V6 release!

  • Tonality
  • Two Part Melodic Dictation
  • Two Part Rhythmic Dictation
  • Composer Identification
  • Work Identification
  • Ensemble Identification
  • Dynamics
  • Tempo
  • Articulation
  • Texture & Density

Two-part rhythm dictationTonality - octatonic scale

  • Stem Direction
  • Complete the Bar
  • Ties
  • Rhythm Syllables
  • Figured Bass
  • Nonharmonic Tones
  • Piano Keyboard
  • Periods
  • Composers
  • Compositional Devices
  • Mechanical Voicings

Nonharmonic tonesCompositional devices


Auralia® and Musition® can now be integrated with your LMS!  We currently support Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, Schoology and the MusicFirst Classroom.

Students and instructors launch Auralia and Musition directly from the LMS, with no additional authentication required. No more importing students and resetting passwords, it's much easier.

Instructors can create tasks in their LMS, link it to a test or course in Auralia® and Musition®, and scores flow back into your gradebook.  It's a HUGE timesaver!

Canvas integration

Creativity & Library

Creative notation and composition questions are now easy to deliver with Auralia® and Musition®!

The new 'creative' question type allows instructors to present students with a score that they edit and then submit for assessment.  No emails, pdfs or links to manage, it's all integrated!

Instructors can then review student work, make comments and assign a grade.

Mapping curriculum in Auralia® and Musiton® has never been simpler... with even more library question types!

  • Free text response
  • Bar lines
  • Beaming
  • Key Signature
  • Notation text selection and entry on a score

Extended text response

Assessment, Testing & Grading

New features to support high quality and high stakes assessments.

Instructors can now see complete student responses as well as scores! This much requested feature is automatically enabled when creating assignments and tests using library questions.

In addition, the new test navigator allows students to complete questions, and then review their answers prior to submitting their test. Students can also choose which questions to attempt first, giving them extra control over their examination.

Question threading gives instructors extra control over content selection when using question banks. It’s now very simple to deliver unique worksheets to individual students, with diverse questions that are chosen using instructor controlled pathways.

Creative and free text answer questions can now be graded,with support for student and teacher comments. In fact, ANY library question can be regarded if necessary; student appeals are now easy to deal with.

New playback controls allow pause and playback start delay, and marking settings to control rounding have also been added.

Grading areaQuestion grading

Browser Support

The browser client has loads of updates, with extra topics and features; making it even easier to use Auralia® and Musition® on an iPhone, Chromebook, iPad or Android!

  • Library questions now available (most!)
  • Test time limits supported
  • Test navigator
  • Audio playback
  • Students can view their practise scores
  • Playback pause

Phones, tablet, and chromebook support

Notation Enhancements

We've added support for phrase marks, and also text!  You can now put lyrics under your scores, as well add text above.

Truly 'empty bar's are now possible, as are bars with 'extra notes', and we've also added an eraser to the palette.

Notation editor

Miscellaneous Stuff!

We've done loads of work on 'little things'.... hundreds of improvements and small bug fixes.

  • Pause playback in practise
  • Improved high dpi support
  • Simplified reports
  • Enhanced password security
  • New access levels - Assistant, Grader
  • Faster loading time

Question pause