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Content Sharing: Import & Export

Don’t reinvent the wheel! Auralia & Musition now allow you to import and export custom content... library questions, worksheets and syllabi!

Our hope is that this feature will encourage members of the Auralia & Musition community to work collaboratively so that all can benefit from our collective wisdom and areas of specialization.

Humanities Commons Group

For our higher education partner schools, we have created a private Humanities Commons group Auralia & Musition Educators as a platform for content sharing and discussion. 

Please select the link and ‘Request Membership’ if you would like to join us.  It’s a little ‘sparse’ there right now, but we’ll be populating it as things unfold.

Facebook Group

For middle and high schools, our private Facebook group will be the best forum for sharing.

This community is also great for sharing tips and tricks, posting questions or queries, and relaying your experiences with the programs. General discussion of music education, ear training and music theory is also welcomed.

If you’re looking for particular questions types or worksheets, simply post your content requests.  Or if you have created some cool content, or have a specific area of specialization that you think may be of interest to others, please share with the group.

This is a great way to quickly expand your curriculum materials and connect with other members of the Auralia & Musition network.