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New Custom Question Types

Extended Multiple-choice

This question format has many applications but is particularly useful for contextual listening questions where instructors may want to ask the student a range of questions based around the same excerpt.

You can of course already do this in older versions of Auralia, however each question is standalone.  The new question format provides a much more integrated experience and also allows instructors to control the total number of replays across all the questions.

Extended Multiple-Choice

Free text with automatic assessment

This great new question type allows instructors to create questions with a specific list of possible correct answers.  Students only have to enter one of these answers to get the question correct

Eg. Name one compositional device that is employed in the played excerpt

Instructors can also:

  • Control the characters that students can enter Eg. Perhaps you may want to restrict the available characters to numbers only for a scale degree question

  • Integrate the question within a sentence structure Eg.  An inverted ________ is a Perfect 5th

  • Limit the number of words or characters

Free Text Auto Assessment

Free Text Sentance