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The training videos below can guide you through everything from basic class setup and management of your students, to content creation and curriculum customisation.  Let us know if you have any particular tutorial requests!

New version 6 training videos will be coming soon covering a variety of topics from LMS (Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard etc) integration, to customisation, and tips & tricks for best practice use in the classroom.

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Teacher Training Videos

Course Creation

Learn how to create custom courses combining lessons, drills and tests, and deliver them to your students. 

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Syllabus Customisation

Learn how to create your own custom syllabus using both library content and generated drills. 

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Notation Editor

Learn how to use the notation editor in Auralia & Musition to create custom examples to use in multiple choice, dictation and analysis questions.

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Learn how to use the reports and results section of Auralia & Musition to track your students' progress.

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Adding Teachers, Classes & Students

Learn how to add your students and teachers, and set up classes in Auralia & Musition.

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Class Settings

Learn about using class settings to assign tasks and content to your students.

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Practice Modes

Learn about the 3 main modes of use in Auralia & Musition - Practice, tests & courses.

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Teacher Training Resources

Training Workshops & Webinars

Please contact us if you'd like to organise an onsite training workshop or online webinar! We'll cover all sorts of topics, depending on your staff requirements.

The Basics

Questions & Topics

Worksheet Creation

Assessments & Exams

Syllabus & Curriculum Support

Content Customisation

Music to our ears

Jonathan Rice, Music Coordinator at St Aloysius

“We use Auralia and Musition to assist with exam preparation, to track students’ progress and set worksheets, and I’ve noticed a reduction in my marking load since we introduced these programs.”

Michael Martin, Music Teacher at Rugby School

“The students often use Auralia and Musition to prepare for exams, especially theory exams. Students are more engaged and this, in turn, leads to better results. I’ve noticed real improvement in students’ results, especially intervals and chords.”

Tim de Jong, Head of Music Department at Walford Anglican School for Girls

“I have used the software to set worksheets and track students’ progress. I think that there has been an improvement in students’ test result and their musicianship with Auralia and Musition.”