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LTI 1.3 with SchoolBox


These instructions will assist with registering Auralia and Musition as an LTI 1.3 tool in the SchoolBox LMS (learning management system) and create assignments.

This page in the SchoolBox help may also assist but we do highly recommend referring to our instructions below for further details.

Tool registration

  1. In SchoolBox open the LTI Tools screen from  → Administration → LMS → LTI Tools
  2. Use the '+' button to create a new tool and enter details as below.
  3. Save using the 'Create Tool' button

Now send the following details to and your SchoolBox will be linked to your Auralia / Musition service.

  • Issuer
  • OpenID Connect Authentication URL
  • oAuth Access Token URL
  • JSON Web Key Set URL
  • Client / Deployment ID

Creating Launches

All launches must use the 'Picker' tool - the basic tool should not be used!

We recommend that you create a 'Practise' launch that students have available at all times; use the 'Picker' tool to create this.  Remember that Practise launches do not send scores back to the gradebook, use a Task launch for this.

Creating tasks / assignments

You can add links to Auralia and Musition in your SchoolBox courses; when a course is deployed to a SchoolBox class, the assignments will appear for your students.

  • Create a 'New 3rd Party Assessment'
  • Select the Learning Tool that you created earlier 'Auralia /Musition'
    • You will be presented with a menu allowing you to choose the type of Auralia and Musition activity

For more assistance, please contact SchoolBox directly.

Migration from LTI 1.1

To migrate from 1.1, you could edit each of the two LTI 1.1 tools you have registered, and send through details as per instructions above to have them each linked to Auralia / Musition. However, this will create more long term support issues; even though it may mean that you can 'reuse' any links that already exist in your courses.

We highly recommend that you simply create a single new connection as per above.