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Version 3.3.0 Changes

This 3.3.0 release also includes support for the new features and fixes in Version 6.1, including all the new Diversity Content and the Theory and Aural I-III sequences!


  • Issues with 'mouseover' resolved (1626)
  • Note alignment issues fixed (589)
  • Chord symbol 'boxes' are now checked for student entry prior to question submission (1184)
  • Issues with highlighting in voice 2 resolved (1415)
  • Spacing issues with text boxes resolved (1417)

Topic Support

  • NEW - Auralia Rhythm Elements
  • NEW - Auralia Rhythm Element Dictation
  • NEW - Musition Beaming
  • NEW - Musition Instrument Range
  • NEW - Musition Chord Scale Relations
  • NEW - Musition Scale Home Keys


  • NEW - Students can now see their scores for each entry of their test (1618)
  • NEW - Students can now review their Tests submissions in detail on the results page.  They can see the original question, their answer, and the feedback (1589)