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Version 4.3.0 Changes

A very important update featuring Grading - no need to launch the Win / Mac software! We've also made further improvements to LMS task attachment; you can now create a new Test or Course directly from the LMS page. In addition, test and course scores are now also shown on the test and course pages, as well as under the student account in People.

Of course this update also includes the recently introduced Cadential 64 support, Four-Part Writing and Sight Singing features from the initial Version 4.1 release.

Administration - Grading

Instructors can now grade and regrade tests directly in the browser.  This can be done from the dedicated grading area, or by using the new links that we've put on any Test result that needs grading.  It's super fast!

  • Grading page featuring task status, user search, task filters etc
  • Task status reassignment (Re-open, Don't Grade etc)
  • Multiple task support

The actual grading area features:

  • Simple question navigation
  • Question filters - 'Needs Grading, Graded, Not Attempted' etc
  • Keyboard shortcuts, grade history
  • Question and answer review, playback, comments

Administration - LMS Tasks

  • Tests and courses can be created directly from the LMS Task page (2548)
  • LMS Tasks page now features entry preview (2546)
  • Improved text and layout on the LMS Tasks page (2545)


  • The Test and Course areas now display student usage and scores (2144)
  • Many screens now support the 'Tab' key for faster entry (2594)
  • Issues searching for a user by 'First Name' resolved (2563)
  • The HTML editor window now has scroll bars (2595)


  • Improved spacing for text entry on notation (2031)
  • Highlight questions now allow 'whole bar' selection (1898)
  • Improved note entry at the end of a bar (1914)
  • Zoom level no longer reset if answer is cleared (1949)
  • General drawing improvements - ledger lines, text labels etc (1092, 409, 2113, )
  • Apple Pencil can now be used for note entry on iPad (2473)